FINISHED HEX NUTS (June 29, 2012)

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Product Description

Grade 2

A low carbon nut widely used with non heat treated fasteners. Readily available in coarse and fine pitch. Finished as plain, zinc, or HDG..

Grade 5

The most common nut we sell, used with grade 5 or less bolts. Available in coarse and fine threads and typically zinc coated.

Grade 8

A case hardened nut used with hardened (150,000 psi min yield) fasteners. Coarse and fine threads. Typically available in plain or zinc finish


For use with stainless fasteners in potentially corrosive applications. Available in 18-8 and 316 stainless (more corrosion resistant). Coarse and fine threads


soft alloy nut composed of copper and zinc. Used in corrosive settings usually with brass fasteners. Coarse and fine thread available

Silicon Bronze

Harder nut than brass, an alloy of copper and tin. Used in corrosive applications. Coarse and fine thread.


A non metal nut used for its corrosion resistance and electrical insulating properties. Not known for it's strength, coarse thread


Lightweight, strong, and corrosion resistant nut used with aluminum fasteners. Available in coarse thread


2/3 thickness of a standard nut used as a locking mechanism. Available in plain, zinc coated, 18-8, 316 stainless, & brass. Coarse and fine threads


Sometimes called a grade 9 nut used with L9 bolts and two L9 washers. Very high tensile strength. Zinc coated in coarse and plain.

Left Hand

These nuts thread onto left handed fasteners. Most fasteners are right hand threaded. Available in plain, zinc, stainless, coarse and fine thread.


We carry metric nuts in class 8 (standard grade 5), class 10 (think standard grade 8), 18-8, 316 stainless, brass, jam and left hand pretty much like our standard line. These are available in coarse, fine, and even extra fine pitch.

Machine Screw

These are standard nuts used on sizes smaller than 1/4. We carry in zinc, stainless, brass, and aluminum. Coarse and fine threads.


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