HEX CAP SCREWS (June 29, 2012)

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A standard hex headed fastener with a diameter between 1/4" and 3".

Product Description

Grade 2

A low carbon bolt used in non critical applications. Coarse and fine threads, generally available in plain, zinc, and HDG. Also goes by ASTM A307 GR A.

Grade 5

This is a very common bolt, made from medium carbon steel and heat treated, available in coarse and fine threads and typically zinc coated. It is described often as a mid grade bolt. Technically it is a SAE J429 GR 5 bolt.

Grade 8

A case hardened bolt with a higher tensile strength than a grade 5 bolt designed for high stress applications. Available in coarse and fine threads and seen in plain and zinc typically. Also know as SAE J429 GR 8


We primarily carry hex cap screws in two grades of stainless steel: 18-8 (aka 304) and 316. 18-8 is considered the most common and has good corrosion resistance. 316 has higher corrosion resistance and is stronger at high temperatures. Coarse and fine threads


Sometimes called grade 9 or F911, these high strength bolts are generally 20% stronger than a grade 8 bolt. Their application is limited to fields like industry and aerospace where a PSI min of 180,000 is required. Coarse and fine, zinc coated


This hex bolt is light, corrosion resistant, and strong. We think more people would use it but it is cost prohibitive compared to steel. We carry it in coarse thread


Like aluminum and stainless, brass is corrosion resistant. It is a soft alloy, though and is not recommended for applications where tensile strength is a premium. Available in coarse threads


A bolt that is extremely corrosion resistant (there's no metal) and a great insulator for electrical applications. It is not very strong or built for the long haul. Coarse thread.

Silicon Bronze

Similar to brass in appearance and application (corrosion resistant), but with a little higher tensile strength. Alloy made primarily from copper and tin. Coarse thread.


Much like our standard line, we carry metric bolts in 8.8 (GR 5 equivalent), 10.9 (GR 8 in standard), 18-8 and 316 stainless. They are available in coarse, fine, and extra fine pitch

Tap Bolts

These are hex bolts that are fully threaded to suit their application. They are readily available in grade 2, 5, 8, 18-8 , 316 stainless and metric.


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