IFI Update (Part Two) (November 5, 2013)

IFI Update July 2013 IFI Engineering Technology Update Ningbo Dowedo Fasteners Dowedo Fasteners News Update

IFI Technical Working Group Activities in Progress


a. Division I C Blind Rivet Standards:

i. IFI 135, Testing procedures for blind rivets. This is being reviewed and revised. Completion is expected before the end of 2013.

ii. IFI 116, Multi-grip Blind Rivet Standard. This is a new IFI standard covering blind rivets that can cover a wider range of application thicknesses than the rivets covered by IFI 114. Completion is expected before the end of 2013.

b. Division III C A Guide for Ultra-High-Strength Metric Fasteners:

The work is ongoing. More testing is in process. Parts made from the same material some with a martensitic microstructure and others for the same hardness with a bainitic microstructure are being fatigue tested to determine the relative fatigue performance of the different microstructures. The working group is raising funds to perform comparative hydrogen susceptibility tests covering the two different microstructures.

Other Technical Information

a. San Francisco Bay Bridge ASTM A354 Grade BD stud failure report.   


b. The TORQUE Book for Fasteners is now available in the IFI on-line store,    


This is the first resource on tightening to put all of the technical data needed to calculate tightening values for all types of threaded fasteners. It explains the standard torque calculating formula T=KdP plus several sections on many other helpful tips on fastening for best results. Every fastener supplier, reseller and end user of threaded fasteners must have this document in their technical library. 

c. Mechanical Joining and Fastening, by Bengt Blendulf, is now available in the IFI on-line store,   


This book is a MUST HAVE for joint designers, fastener users, and fastener suppliers. Bengt Blendulf has been an international fastener expert, educator and consultant since the 1970s. This book is a compilation of articles he has published over the past 30 years on fastener technology and joint design. His two-day intensive training classes on fastener technology have been attended by thousands.


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