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Processing of Bolt Head and Thread

How is the bolt head and thread processed? The head of bolt is formed by cold upsetting plastic processing. Compared with the cutting process, the metal fiber (metal wire) is continuous along the product shape without cutting off in the middle. Therefore, the strength of the product is improved, especially the mechanical properties are excellent. [...]

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Dacromet Bolt Coating Featurers

Dacromet bolt coating- apply coating (colored coating, Dacromet) on the workpiece as required, with appearance of silver, black or color, and salt spray test for more than 240 hours. Dacromet: the appearance of Dacromet coating is uniform silver gray. The coating contains 80% thin zinc sheet and aluminum sheet, and the rest is chromate. It [...]

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Classification of High Strength Hexagon Socket Bolts

The High Strength Hexagon Socket Bolts connection is to clamp the plates of the connecting plate by a large amount of tightening pre tension in the bolt bar, which is enough to produce a great friction force, so as to improve the integrity and rigidity of the connection. When subjected to shear force, according to [...]

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  • Bolt Classification Knowledge

Bolt Classification Knowledge

Bolt Classification Knowledge This time Fastener Bolt Exporter talks about bolt information other than threads. There are many types of bolts, and there are probably several classification methods: classification by the head of the bolt; classification by the material; classification by the performance level; classification by the connection force method. The first category is classified [...]

Advantage of High Strength Bolts Nuts

High-strength bolts nuts connection has many advantages, such as simple construction, good mechanical performance, removable, fatigue resistance, and no loosening under dynamic load. It is a promising connection method. High strength bolt is a special wrench to tighten the nut, so that the bolt produces a huge and controlled pre-tension, through the nut and cushion [...]

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Bolts Production Material

At present, the standard Bolts Production Material on the market mainly include carbon steel, stainless steel and copper. Carbon steel: We distinguish low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and high carbon steel as well as alloy steel with carbon content in carbon steel. stainless steel: Performance rating: 45, 50, 60, 70, 80. copper: Common materials [...]

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Bolt Manufacturing Process

Annealing: The wire is heated to a suitable temperature for a certain period of time, and then slowly cooled to adjust the crystal structure, reduce the hardness, and improve the normal temperature processability of the wire. Pickling: removes the oxide film on the surface of the wire and forms a phosphate film on the metal [...]

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Square Head Bolt’s Features

Hexagon head reaming bolt The hinged hole bolts accurately fix the mutual position of the linked parts and can withstand shear and extrusion in the transverse direction. Cross recessed hex head bolt Easy to install and tighten, mainly used for light work and instrumentation with less load Square head bolt The square head bolt has [...]

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