High Strength Structure Bolts

//High Strength Structure Bolts

High Strength Galvanized Bolt

High strength galvanized bolt is galvanized, so what are their advantages? Hot dip galvanizing is also used to prevent corrosion on the surface of screw, bolt and nut. High strength galvanized bolt has better corrosion resistance than galvanized screw, but the cost is higher, and high strength structure is not suitable for hot dip galvanizing. [...]

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Ultra-long Bolts

Ultra-long bolts are usually constructed by the method of torque-one-axis force. They are divided into two stages: initial and final twisting. Torque coefficient refers to the coefficient between the torque and the axial force of the bolts in the process of tightening. Generally speaking, it has a great relationship with the friction coefficient of the [...]

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Building Steel Structures Bolts

Points for Attention in Connecting of Building Steel Structures Bolts 1 In order to make the connection reliable, the number of permanent bolts should not be less than two for each member on the joint and at the end of the splice joint. However, one end connection can be used for the patches of composite [...]

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Advantage of High Strength Structure Bolts

High strength structure bolts can be called high strength bolts. High strength bolts are mostly used to connect bridges, rails, high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure equipment. The fracture of these bolts is brittle fracture. High strength bolts are used in ultra-high pressure equipment. Bolts, in order to ensure the sealing of containers, need to apply larger prestressing [...]

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