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Lag Screw Bolts

Processing of Bolt Head and Thread

How is the bolt head and thread processed? The head of bolt is formed by cold upsetting plastic processing. Compared with the cutting process, the metal fiber (metal wire) is continuous along the product shape without cutting off in the middle. Therefore, the strength of the product is improved, especially the mechanical properties are excellent. [...]

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Characteristics of Steel Structure Bolts

Steel structure bolts are high strength bolts, and also kinds of standard parts. Good fastening performance, used in steel structure, engineering, so that the tightening effect. General steel structure, the requirements of steel structure bolt are 8.8 grade or above, there are 10.9 grade, 12.9 grade, all of them are high strength steel structure bolts, [...]

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Quality Inspection of Screws

There are two types of screw surface inspections, one is the inspection before the screw is produced, and the other is the inspection after the screw plating. Inspection method after screw treatment: Appearance quality requirements: The inspection of the appearance of the screws is carried out in terms of appearance, plating and other aspects. Inspection [...]

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  • High Strength Bolts

Method of High Strength Bolts Fastening

The degree of tightening of ordinary bolts is not clearly defined, and the force applied during locking is generally as long as the connection is tight. However, since the tension is not applied when the lock is applied, the nut is prone to loosening. To prevent loosening, the inner nut can be pressed by the [...]

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  • Expansion Screw

Expansion Screw Installation Steps

Install expansion screw prepare tools: hand drill, hammer, cross screwdriver, pencil. After preparing the tool, select an alloy drill bit of the same diameter as the expansion screw of the expansion screw, install it on the drill and then punch the wall. The depth of the hole is preferably the same as the length of [...]

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