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Calculation and Drawing of Hexagon Bolt

Calculation and Drawing of Hexagon Bolt: Hexagon bolt is a very common bolt, which is widely used. It can fasten connected parts by bolts, nuts and washers. The function of the ring is to prevent the surface of the connected part from being damaged when tightening the nut, and to make the pressure of the [...]

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  • Bolt Classification Knowledge

Bolt Classification Knowledge

Bolt Classification Knowledge This time Fastener Bolt Exporter talks about bolt information other than threads. There are many types of bolts, and there are probably several classification methods: classification by the head of the bolt; classification by the material; classification by the performance level; classification by the connection force method. The first category is classified [...]

Outer Hexagon Nut

Ordinary outer hexagon nut: widely used, characterized by relatively large tightening force, the disadvantage is that there should be enough operating space in the installation, installation can use flexible wrench, open wrench or glasses wrench, the above wrench requires a lot of operating space. Cylindrical head inner hexagon: is the most widely used in all [...]

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Hexagonal Nut

Hexagonal nut can be divided into three types according to their nominal thickness: type I, type II and thin type. Nuts above grade 8 can be divided into type I and type II. Type I hexagonal nuts are the most widely used. Type 1 nuts are classified into three levels: A, B and C. Among [...]

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Types of Nuts

There are many types of nuts according to different materials and shapes. Nuts are parts that are closely connected with mechanical equipment. They can be joined together only through internal threads and nuts of the same specifications and bolts. Stainless steel nut Self-locking nuts, anti-loosening nuts, locking nuts, four-claw nuts, screw-in nut insurance nuts, connecting [...]

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Classification of Hex Nuts

Hex nuts are classified into I type, II type and thin type according to the nominal thickness. Nuts of class 8 or higher are divided into two types, type I and type II. The type I hex nut is the most widely used, and the type 1 nut is divided into three grades A, B, [...]

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About Hexagon Nut

Hexagon nut is used in conjunction with bolts and screws to connect the fastening mechanism. Among them, Type I hex nuts are the most widely used. Class C nuts are used on machines, equipment or structures with rough surface and low precision. Class A and Class B nuts are used for machines with smooth surface [...]

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