High Strength Fasteners

High strength fasteners are conditioned according to technical requirements. Heat treatment quenching and tempering is to improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of fasteners to meet the required tensile strength and yield strength ratio of products. Heat treatment process has a vital impact on the internal quality of high-strength fasteners, especially its internal quality. Therefore, in [...]

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Fastener Technology

Fastener Technology: Hot rolled- spheroidizing annealing- mechanical descaling- Pickling- cold drawing- cold forging- thread processing- heat treatment- Inspection. In the fabrication of fasteners, it is important to select the correct fastener materials, because the performance of fasteners is closely related to their materials. If the material selection is improper or incorrect, it may cause the [...]

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Application of Ring Screw

Application of Ring Screw:Ring screw should be mainly used in port, shipbuilding, railway, construction, plastic machinery, industrial control, pipeline auxiliary equipment, marine rescue, Airport construction, aerospace, venues and other important industries as well as infrastructure engineering machinery and equipment. Cautions for using application of ring screw: 1. Users must be trained before they can use [...]

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Ring Bolts Surface Treatment

Generally, hanging ring bolts do not undergo surface treatment, but according to the requirements of use, they can be passivated by galvanizing, chromium plating and other surface treatment. Ring Bolts Surface Treatment Dehydrogenation should be carried out immediately after galvanizing. As a standard fastener, ring bolt is widely used in mechanical and electrical products. Its [...]

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Quality Inspection of Screws

There are two types of screw surface inspections, one is the inspection before the screw is produced, and the other is the inspection after the screw plating. Inspection method after screw treatment: Appearance quality requirements: The inspection of the appearance of the screws is carried out in terms of appearance, plating and other aspects. Inspection [...]

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