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Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw Bolts, Fine Thread Socket Head Cap Screw Alloy Steel Black Oxide, Hexagon Socket round Head Bolt, allen head bolt, Perno ALLEN BOLT SOCKET HEX HEAD CAP SCREW China supplier

Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw Bolts SPECIFICATIONS
Fastener Type: Socket Head Cap Screw
Size Description: #0-80 x 1/4″ (FT)
Diameter/Nominal Size: #0
Length: 1/4″
Thread Pitch: 80
Thread Pitch Type: Fine
Thread Direction: Right
Thread Coverage: Full
System of Measurement: Inch
Grade: 170 KSI Alloy Steel (Grade 9)
Material: Alloy Steel
Finish: Thermal Black Oxide
Head Type: Cylindrical
Drive Type: Internal Hex
Average Piece Weight: 0.0002200 lbs.

Product dimensions, finish, head markings, thread length, stamping shape or forging shape, etc., may differ from picture. Products are guaranteed to meet the specifications to which they are manufactured. Specifications allow for tolerances in dimension and shape, which can vary from lot to lot.

The bolt that has made us famous in China first and then in the World.  Hexagon Socket Head Bolts
Type of bolt with a compact cylindrical head and hexagon socket, may be combined with a shank formed by a helical spiral which works by distributing loads on the shank itself, thus increasing elasticity.
Easy to drive thanks to the good grip offered by its specific key, ensures improved and easier assembly.
Its peculiarity is to be able to transmit considerable torque, higher than bolts with a flat blade or Phillips driver, occupying less space. Primarily used in assemblies where compactness and tightening precision are required.

304 316 Stainless Steel full thread Allen Hex Head Socket Cap Bolt din912 m9 hex bolt countersunk head machine screws
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